46.The man in the mirror.

This was actually written, well it came to mind at any rate, while having a shave one Saturday morning. I don’t recall being in a particularly fragile state at the time, I think it was more wistful. I think It just started with something like “hey you the man in the mirror….” Or maybe todays sunshine is pleasantly colouring in the gaps. Don’t think I’ll bother exploring that avenue too much today, I’m enjoying the evenness of mind. Think I’ll just mind the gaps.

46.The man in the mirror.

Am I alone,
In feeling and seeing,
Am I caring too much,
About how it’s going,
Am I just seeing,
The familiar and similar,
Am I inferior to you,
The man in the mirror,
The man in the mirror?
Hey you, man in the mirror,
Don’t fuckin’ sneer,
Like no one else’s here,
When you look at me,
Remember I don’t need to see,
Your smug reflections,
Now mind your existence,
Your sole chrome purpose,
Is merely vanity,
You can be broken,
Shattered just as easily,
So I tell myself,
As I talk to myself,
In the shiny oval disc,
Sat on the bathroom shelf.
Or am I alone….

© Jim Laing 2014.

About Jim Laing

The Buddha said there were four kinds of people. Those who run from dark to dark, those who run from light to dark, those who run from dark to light and those who run from light to light. From a life going from dark to dark to having a few years running from dark to light, with scuffed hands and knees from sometimes falling, I may be getting the hang of it now. How it began is not now how it is, I need a quiet space, After the noise of the day, So I take sanctuary in the creativity, And my soul feeds, On sometimes dark, Sometimes light fantasy, And I dare like many to work, But stay up off my knees, To dream, perchance to suffer, But always still to dream. Here are things mostly lyrical and poetic, with nonsense sometimes, reviews and personal musings. The coffees hot and always black. The words not necessarily so.
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